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Grip prototype


Your online shop for Additive Manufacturing

Whether you need prototyping, a functional component, a custom part in an emergency to keep the production going, or a small batch of parts, we have the tools to make your idea a reality!

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Not just a printing service!

After 3 years of Additive Manufacturing for our own prototyping and components production at ACCUFACTURE LLC, the recent effect of the pandemic offered us a chance to use our experience and equipment to help our community with rapidly producing PPE for local Michigan hospitals. It also made us aware of how critical it is to have local reliable sources for manufactured parts. 

This is what prompted the creation of "

A local, flexible, manufacturing source and engineering service that can support product development and offer parts manufacturing with a much faster turn around than traditional manufacturing, at a lower cost, with no interruption.

Custom grippers Onyx Carbon Fiber
Custom grippers
Custom Grippers
Custom Onyx Kevlar grippers
EOAT Mount - Tough 1500
Gun grip prototype - Tough resin
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